Nevernes Havn

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About Nevernes Havn (Nevernes Harbour)

Nevernes Havn

The center is set up in private hands and was opened on 27 June 2003. It consists of three building complexes: an elderly, a large multi-purpose hall with a large terrace for different activities, and an older farmhouse from the farm Brattås in Velfjord. The house was built in the latter half of the 1800s.

Dockside is a newly restored trawler from 1926, "Nevernes I". The boat has been used for whaling and regular fishing in Lofoten. The boat was used for this purpose until the spring of 2001. Nevernes Havn is located in the old Velfjord municipality, now Brønnøy municipality. Nevernes was earlier a typically center for receiving fish and fish trading, but commercial operations ended in 2000.

The location of the place in the fjord made ​​it so that it was a natural place to go for people who were living in the other fjords when they needed to trade in essential items. Here was also a school.

Aage and Tove Oxholm

Through the exhibitions at Nevernes Havn we will try to show how life was for the people of the time before and after the major world wars. Before the "new" time with its growing materialistic demands, and how the changes in municipal structures and economy contributed to the change of settlement patterns in this region.

Nevernes Havn (photo:

Tove and Aage Oxholm. (photo: Karin Bremseth)